Industrial Design Undergraduate program


The MID Experience

Tomorrow’s designers do not benefit from narrow professional training but from learning how to be critical thinkers and critical makers –  to think with their hands, to learn by making, and to lead by ideas. To enable our students to learn, think and lead we use material making and material design to gain experience in design processes; we explore how to apply those processes to the development of products, services, systems and strategies; and we gain mastery in the tools needed to craft not just artifacts, but experiences, platforms and systems.

We believe that to navigate these moments of leadership, our students need to know how to design objects and artifacts; they need to be explicit about the value those products deliver  in larger services and experiences; they need to understand how those services are supported by designed systems and platforms; and they need to see how those systems are organized to achieve strategic outcomes for organizations and initiatives.

Student Quotes

Being a part of risd ID has enabled me as a designer to apply design methods to enhance problem solving tools to create better experiences for others.

- Ben Hunt '17