The Basics


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ID Building : 


169 Weybosset Street, Providence, RI 02903

- Graduate Studios

- Elena and Andy's office

- CIT Wood Shop

- Sol Kofler Gallery

161 South Main Street, Providence, RI 02903

- Undergraduate studios

- Shops: Metal, Model and Wood

- Maureen and Charlie's office

- Faculty Offices

Get your ID card

Go to ID Services

  • Address: 48 Waterman Street, Providence, RI 02903

  • Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-3:30pm

Your RISD mailbox

  • Address: 30 North Main St (Same building as the RISD Store)

  • This is where you get RISD mailing and reimbursement cheques. You can also mail things to this room. Get your mailbox number and code from the people there (11am -3:30pm)


  • Load $$ onto your Card here. You'll need your student account info.
  • You can use RISD bucks for printing, and also pay for food at RISD locations or affiliated businesses. 

Printing on Campus

  • Drivers must be installed for printers in each building.

  • To print you’ll have to enter the last 7 digits of your ID # and then swipe your ID at pay station.

RISD Lingo

  • “CIT” or Center for Integrative Technologies = is 169 Weybosset Street. Grad Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Landscape Architecture, Digital + Media, Interior Architecture

  • “Prov Wash” = is RISD lingo for a building: 20 Washington Place. This building houses Financial Aid, the Registrar, Bursar’s office (where you submit tax stuff if you have a job on campus)

  • “BEB” = Architecture Department

  • “Fletcher” = is around the corner from 169 Weybosset St. Grad Sculpture, Grad Photography

  • "Bank Building" = 3D Store and Furniture Department Studios

Registering for RISD classes

  • Courses range between 1 credit workshops and 6 credit Studios

  • A typical course-load is 15 credits. RISD expects a minimum of 12 credits/semester. Taking 18 credits or more requires sign-off from your advisor and the head of the department.

  • You’ll likely have a few required classes your first semester. These include a Graduate Studio and Shop Orientation.

  • You’ll be asked to sign up for special topic studio(s) and elective(s).

Register for classes in other departments ...

  • Email the professor and the departmental assistant. Try and email the professor a week or two before your registration slot to express interest as it can take time for them to get around to responding.

Register for Brown classes ...

(This is just basic outline, check details with Registrar)  

  • Find the class you want, email the professor stating interest.

  • Get a form from Prov Wash at 20 Washington Place (Registrar)

  • Get the relevant signatures (Professor, ID Head, and someone else (see form).

  • Take form to the Brown Registrar

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