Life in Providence


Life In Providence

What is it like to live in Providence (other than the fact that it's cold sometimes)?

Answer provided by Kelly Lohr '16:

Providence could be described as a big town / small city. There's public transportation that can get you anywhere in the city, and a diversity of neighborhoods to visit, but there's definitely not the urban population density of a larger city like NYC or Chicago. Everything is quite spread out, although there are several popular areas where people will tend to go. Around RISD there's also Brown and Johnson and Wales University, so there's a collegiate atmosphere closer to campus.

What are good places to live?

Answer provided by Kelly Lohr '16:

Many people live on the East side of Providence, which is the area between Brown University and Fox Point (not the same as East Providence!). There are a few people who live on the West side of Providence (Federal Hill), and they usually bike to campus.

How does one get around Providence?

Answer provided by Kelly Lohr '16:

Most people walk and/or take the RIPTA Buses, which are free for RISD students. RIPTA is Rhode Island Public Transportation, and covers the state. Having a car would come in handy, but there are also plenty of Zipcars around if that is preferred. Biking also makes Providence much more accessible.

Is there parking at the campus?

Answer provided by Kelly Lohr '16:

Parking is not readily available on campus as there are limited spots. Short time interval and metered parking can be found around the ID building and downtown around CIT.