6:30 PM18:30

Lecture: Jonathan Baker '97 + Sean Donovan '93 of Eqpd Gear

  • 161 South Main Street Providence, RI, 02903 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Please join us to hear about Jonathan and Sean's experiences post RISD. Both speakers currently work, and Jonathan founded Eqpd Gear in 2014. Their company is based in Twisp, WA and employs multiple RISD alums. Jonathan and Sean will share about their time at RISD and how it informed their later career path. They will also be sharing their experience of founding and growing a soft-goods company based in the rural U.S.

See you there!

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Lecture: Monica Bueno - AlthenaHealth
6:30 PM18:30

Lecture: Monica Bueno - AlthenaHealth

  • 161 South Main Street Providence, RI, 02903 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Please join us to hear from interaction designers Monica Bueno and Liz Kelly. Monica Bueno, a graduate of The Royal College of Art, has worked in interaction design focusing on healthcare at such organizations as Phillips, Ideo, Continuum and now in-house at Athenahealth. Both speakers will be sharing about their experiences working on cross-functional teams, and their experiments with the Google Venture Sprint model. 

Monica Bueno Poster 10.30.17.jpg
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Lecture: Stephanie and Bruce Tharp
to Oct 14

Lecture: Stephanie and Bruce Tharp

Stephanie and Bruce Tharp will be joining us for a workshop and lecture on their work, and their thinking on the larger field of industrial design. The Tharp's article on the four fields of design informed the creation of the pedagogy of the Grad ID program, and we are happy to welcome the Tharp's for this exciting event. 

Friday: 7pm Lecture and reception in CIT open to undergrad and graduate students

Saturday: 10am - 1pm Graduate workshop on the Tharp's current work in the field of Discursive design.


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Nigel Gough Design Visualization Demonstration
11:00 AM11:00

Nigel Gough Design Visualization Demonstration

  • 161 South Main Street Providence, RI, 02903 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Please join Prof. Jorge Paricio's in welcoming his guest Nigel Gough who will be giving a  hand rendering demonstration on the 4th floor of the ID Building. Nigel Gough is an internationally awarded architect and industrial designer from Brisbane, Australia, who specializes in design visualization. For the past  18 years, Nigel has been the director at Nigel Gough Illustrations (NGI), providing design visualization expertise to architectural and industrial design clients throughout Australia and abroad. His work has been internationally recognized and received multiple awards from the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI) in both digital and analogue rendering styles. 

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9:00 AM09:00

Graduate Thesis Public Presentations

May 15 MID Public Thesis Presentations

RISD CIT, 169 Weybosset,  2nd floor, towards the front

The May 15 Public Thesis Presentations are open to friends, family, allies, advisers, the department, and school as a whole. Because the thesis grads will have passed through the fires of a defense already, the May 15 presentations tend to be relaxed and enjoyable. To help members of the department decide which presentations to catch, we have a list of project descriptions written by the grads.

Time and Project Description

9:00 - Adi Azulay: I am designing devices that recapitulate historic communication technologies, like smoke signals or the telegraph, to explore how objects mediate human interactions.

9:15 - Creama Yue Wong: Objects are humanizing. I am designing a series of daily objects combined with realistic human features to make geometrical and indifferent things more enjoyable and intuitively functional.

9:30 - Alyssa Mayo: I am investigating what is is about the physical that is fundamentally human by experimenting with replicas and archives of emotionally meaningful but troublesome objects.

9:45 - Xiaoxiao Jin: I am a design strategist. I have created a design matrix to help companies evaluate their current services and explore new opportunities. I will be showing three case studies of how this might work.

10:00 - Jiaxuan Jaren Li: I am designing products for younger Chinese generations to help them remember to think of traditional Chinese cultural values and to inspire them to carry out those values in the details of their lives.


10:30 - Christina Chen: I am creating a line of discursive clothing that allows wearers to express cultural values while addressing what it means to be a person of color in America today.

10:45 - Ryan Ferguson: I am interested in how tools can become vehicles to transmit and complement the tacit knowledge of expert tool users. I am exploring ways to embed intelligence in tools, both physical and digital.

11:00 - Ala Tannir: Despite never being addressed synchronously, recent reports from the Mediterranean region suggest a sharp increase in jellyfish population in the water and the migration of humans across its surface. Towards the pursuit of justice and dignity for all species involved, this project proposes the possibility of an interspecies alliance between at-risk humans and jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea.

11:15 - Sean Hou: I am interested in how changing manufacturing methods can change the role of design. As a case-study, I am developing a system to create personalized sneakers which merges good elements from different brands’ designs.

11:30 - Namrata Phirke: To help students develop healthy eating habits, I am designing a tool to help them manage their time more efficiently and prepare a healthy breakfast.


1:00 - Atulya Chaganty: By embodying the essence of talismans and mementos, I am designing a series of personal ‘digi-chanisms’, inspired by biophilia and pocket accessories, to help young veterans transition out of military service into civilian life.

1:15 - Wudi Hong: I am working on a connected service with digital devices to help us strengthen our closest relationships when living far from loved ones.

1:30 - Jerry Ding: My thesis is about helping people to build environmental consciousness by leading them to collaborate with nature as they make their own products.

1:45 - Court Skabelund: My thesis explores the inevitable future that sport will be required to address as our athletes evolve and express themselves in new ways. I am imagining the future of sports in a world where the gender binary of athletes has become blurred.


2:15 - Kate Brandy: For people admitted to emergency rooms without urgent life-threatening illnesses, the experience of being stuck waiting is riddled with anxiety. I am creating a series of interventions to ease both patients’ and their companions’ mental and physical stress during these difficult times.

2:30 - Jin Cao: I am working on a product that will use light and sound to help design students concentrate when they work.

2:45 - Zixin Xiong: I am designing a cafe that provides physical activities to give patrons an opportunity to escape from digital devices and the Internet by creating a new culture of the joyfulness of face-to-face communication.

3:00 - Hanna McLaughlin My thesis focuses on co-designing experiences of self-care with young parents and toddlers to help navigate the double transition of parents returning to work and children spending time in new environments.

3:15 - Kasia Matlak: My thesis project is about empowering people, by redefining disability and providing tools to deal with loss.


3:45 - Zhizi Liu: I am working on toys for adults, try to help adults to find the joy from assembling it, from this part, they might immerse themselves for a block of time to stay alone. Also, they can interact with it to remand them of humorous scenarios/stories.

4:00 - Tim Stoelting: I am presenting apocalyptic home furniture. I am using the furniture and overly sensationalistic branding and marketing displays to explore the emotional manipulation of consumers.

4:15 - Daniel Gioia: How might we design a way to achieve the social benefits of an exercise partner without being actively social? I am designing a connected fitness device that untangles the social motivators from the social discouragers in a fitness experience.

4:30 - Lokesh Zope: I am designing a framework to help digital (smart) objects be more mindful of the effects their presence have one us, so they can interact with us more meaningfully—‘emotional intelligence for objects’.

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Greater Than Less Than: Grad Thesis Show in NYC
5:00 PM17:00

Greater Than Less Than: Grad Thesis Show in NYC

Please join us for the Graduate Thesis Show 2017 hosted @ Anita's Way in NYC. The 2nd year graduate students will be displaying their thesis work, and all are invited to come see what they have been up to. There are a great diversity of projects and interests this year from jellyfish and human migration, to connected fitness. We hope to see you there!


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12:00 PM12:00

Graduate Open Studios (all departments), Admitted Students Welcome!!


Join us for Open Studios. This is a bi-yearly event in which all of the grad students open their studios for guests to come visit and look at the inner-workings of the programs, and personal practices. It is a great chance for students to view work in other departments, and outsiders a chance to get a view into RISD. A selection of work will be displayed in the Grad ID space in CIT, and admitted students should feel free to join. 

There will be an after-party! Location TBA. See you there!

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Sebastian Errazuriz Lecture
6:30 PM18:30

Sebastian Errazuriz Lecture

Sebastian is a Chilean born, New York City based artist, designer and activist, who tackles everything from political artworks to giant public art projects, experimental furniture to product design and women’s shoes to motorcycles. His work is surprising and compelling, inviting the viewer to look again at realities that were often hidden in front of their own eyes.

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6:00 PM18:00

ID Graduate Open Studios, Admitted Students Welcome!!



CIT/Mason Building
Second Floor

When & What:

6PM - 7PM
Meet and Greet with current MID students
Open Studios & mingling.

7PM - 8:30PM
Presentations from a few current students who will be talking about how they spent their time before RISD, and some of the skills, experiences, education, and hobbies that make them the designers they are today.

8:30PM - whenever
Afterparty at the GCB (Graduate Center Bar) at Brown University

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6:30 PM18:30

Kunlé Adeyemi: Waterfront Atlas

Kunlé Adeyemi is an architect, designer and urban researcher. He is the founder/principal of NLÉ and Aga Khan Design Critic in Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. His firm's overarching aim is to bridge critical gaps in human and physical infrastructures by creating networks and solutions that are closer to broader societal, environmental and economic needs. His works include Makoko Floating School, Serpentine Summer House in London, Waterfront Atlas in Venice and the African Water Cities research project.

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to Apr 1

RISD Hosts: IDSA NE Conference 2017 - The Unexpected Conference


Expect the unexpected! IDSA’s Northeast District Design Conference 2017 will be The Unexpected Conference—with wonderful collaborations, fortuitous conversations and surprising new solutions! If you want to be inspired and rub elbows with design’s most talented students and professionals; co-create with top design organizations; and learn about the latest design tools and techniques—join us! Design attire optional—but networking required! 

Learn more

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6:00 PM18:00

Allan Wexler / Absurd Thinking Between Art and Design


Allan Wexler has worked in the fields of architecture, design, and fine art for forty-five years. He is represented by the Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York City and has exhibited, taught, and lectured internationally.

Wexler’s career resists easy classification. In the late1960’s he was an early member of the group of architects and artists who questioned the perceived divide between art and the design disciplines. They called themselves non-architects or paper architects. 

The subject of Wexler's work is the built environment. He creates drawings, multimedia objects, images, and installations that alter perceptions of domestic activities. He investigates eating, bathing, sitting, and socializing, and turns these everyday activities into ritual and theater

Wexler is a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship (2016), is a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome, and a winner of both a Chrysler Award for Design Innovation and the Henry J. Leir Prize from the Jewish Museum. He has had numerous national and international solo exhibitions, has lectured on his work internationally, and has been reviewed by major art and architecture publications. Wexler currently teaches at Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Absurd Thinking: Between Art and Designa book on Wexler’s work and creative process, has recently been published by Lars Müller. Wexler's compelling thought processes unfold across each thematic category revealing a curious, comedic, analytical mind certain to instigate creative thought among designers and artists, and offer new strategies for examining the inhabited environment. The book features projects developed across the artist's career that mediate the gap between fine and applied art using the mediums of architecture, sculpture, photography, painting, and drawing.

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6:00 PM18:00

Lecture: Carlo DiSalvo "From Allies to Accomplices: Refiguring the roles of design in 21st-century civics"


Carlo DiSalvo's lecture "From Allies To Accomplices: Refiguring the roles of
design in 21st-century civics" will discuss the issues of civics—of
how we live together—are pressing matters of concern. In this talk,
Carl DiSalvo will share a series of themes and projects for
considering how designers might move from allies to accomplices in
addressing and participating in 21st-century civics. Together, we will
explore how our practices, professions, and institutions of design
might transform to be even more engaged and accountable in
contributing to how we live together, in these times.

This lecture is sponsored by the RISD Academic Affairs Academic
Enrichment Grant and the Industrial Design Department.

Carl DiSalvo is an Associate Professor in the Digital Media Program in
the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at the Georgia
Institute of Technology. At Georgia Tech he directs the Public Design
Workshop: a design research studio that explores socially-engaged
design and civic media.

DiSalvo is also co-director of the Digital Interdisciplinary Liberal
Arts Center and its Digital Civics initiative, funded by the Mellon
Foundation, and he leads the Serve-Learn-Sustain Fellows program,
which brings together faculty, staff, students and community partners
to explore pressing social research themes (the 2016-2017 themes are
Smart Cities and Food, Energy, Water, Systems). He has a courtesy
appointment in the School of Interactive Computing, and is an
affiliate of the GVU Center and the Center for Urban Innovation.
DiSalvo also directs the Digital Media track of the interdisciplinary
M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction.

DiSalvo’s scholarship draws together theories and methods from design,
the social sciences, and the humanities, to analyze the social and
political qualities of design, and to prototype experimental systems
and services. Current research domains include civics, smart cities,
the internet of things, food systems, and environmental monitoring.
Across these domains, DiSalvo is interested in how practices of
participatory and public design work to articulate issues and provide
resources for new forms of collective action.

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to Nov 5

Open Studios (Undergrad)

Open Studios - a Great Way to See Potential Majors!


Visit and tour each studio, see senior work, experience what it's like on the inside, and collect a **super cool** sticker! 

It's FUN FUN FUN with lots of surprises from each major on campus

Not sure about what major to choose? Come to open studios!
Want to see cool studios? Come to open studios!
Want to meet new people and have fun? Come to open studios!


7:30PM - 9:00PM 

Film/Animation/Video - RISD Auditorium
Printmaking - Benson Hall
Graphic Design - Design Center
Photography - Design Center

8:30 PM - 10:00PM

Glass - Metcalf Building
Furniture - Metcalf Building
Jewelry + Metalsmithing - Metcalf Building
Sculpture - Metcalf Building
Ceramics -Metcalf Building



7:30PM - 9:00PM

Architecture - Bayard Ewing Building (BEB)
Industrial Design - 161 South Main Street
Interior Architecture - CIT

8:30PM - 10:00PM

Illustration - ISB
Apparel - 189 Canal Street
Textiles - Alumni House
Painting - College Building 

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