Elective and Extracurricular Opportunities


Elective and Extracurricular Opportunities

Answers provided by Kelly Lohr '16:

Are there opportunities to get a "well rounded" design education. As in, coursework in graphic design, physical computing/digital making, responsible design, etc. Are there courses available for these?

Short answer: yes. That’s why we have electives and a lot of people take theirs outside of the department. If you really want to develop your graphic design skills, it makes sense to take a course from the graphic design department. Physical computing is taught both in ID and in Digital Media. People also take courses at Brown. However, you will probably want to take more classes than you have time for.

Is there the opportunity to work on projects that have a great societal impact?

Yes there are initiatives all over the place, and you always get emails about how to get involved. Each semester there are also courses focused on one type of responsible design or another. If this type of design is your passion and you have your own ideas of what kind of impact to make, there are the advisors and other resources here to help you out. Charlie Cannon, the head of the entire ID department, does work primarily in the large-system, socially-responsible umbrella of projects, so the expertise is here. (see here).

Are there teaching opportunities?

Yes, you have to write a proposal and submit it, but lots of graduate students do that over Wintersession. You can also pretty easily find Teaching Assistantships.