Cooper Hewitt Curator Visits Grad Studios

Andrea Lipps, the Assistant Curator of Contemporary Design at the Cooper Hewitt visited with the grad studios this March. Andrea presented the recent shows at the Cooper Hewitt, and shared insight into what it means to be a curator in the design world. The students discussed with her how work is acquired by the museum, what trends she sees emerging in the field, and the intricacies of creating and presenting design work in the museum context. 

"Being a curator is being a witness to the present, and a moderator of the past."

After presenting the current and past shows at the Cooper Hewiit, Andrea met with the 1st and 2nd year grad students about their thesis work, and the 1st years section on Responsible design. In each of these sessions she provided feedback, and helped students think of their work in the larger context of the design world. 

Thank you Andrea!

Maureen Buttenheim