During the admissions process the Graduate Program Director gives each applicant an admissions ranking. This is done with guidance from the Graduate Admissions Assistants and a panel of ID Faculty and current MID students who all view the applicant folios and accompanying documentation.

Each successful applicant who is offered a place on the MID program is also offered a financial Departmental Fellowship Award. The amount of this varies according to the applicant’s particular admissions ranking. These rankings and the accompanying Departmental Fellowship Award are confidential and are only known to the Graduate Program Director.

When a successful applicant is considering the amount of the Fellowship offer it is important for them to consider the other sources of income available to students when they are in the program. These are outlined in the Assistantships (and Other Opportunities Whilst at RISD MID) section.

The amounts of the Fellowship offers are calculated to fit within the Departments total fixed budget whilst remaining competitive with other institutions (considering their status and rankings).

Due to the admissions process' collaborative ranking it is not possible to reevaluate Fellowship offers after they have been made.


Financial Aid

RISD’s Financial Aid Office also reviews each successful applicant who is offered a place on the MID program. If the successful applicant is considered to be in need of further support they will also be offered an additional Financial Aid Fellowship Award.